Meet Our Team

Pippa Jones


Pippa is the Founder and Director of the Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre and is a local girl. Having been born in Cardiff and brought up and educated in the surrounding area. Pippa graduated from the nearby Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and served her associateship in Glasgow before returning home to practice nearby. Since the births of her boys, William and Henry, she currently handles the day to day running of the practice with Jo, our Practice Manager.

Pippa’s first experience of Chiropractic was in a time of crisis following a horseriding accident, she was having migraines daily and severe back pain which was taking over every aspect of her life. The only help on offer was painkillers and anti inflammatories and the future looked bleak. A course of Chiropractic care turned things around and she knew she wanted to be involved with this fantastic profession. She still gets adjusted regularly to make sure she stays healthy and prevent future problems.

Outside the practice Pippa leads an active life and enjoys weight training, triathlon and horseriding, regularly competing her horse.

Dr Tom Barnett

Doctor of Chiropractic | MChiro, LRCC

Tom’s passion for chiropractic started after receiving chiropractic treatment in his early-teens after sustaining a back injury playing rugby. Sport has always been an important part of his life competing in a variety of sports including swimming at national level, football, rugby and more recently squash representing Cardiff in the Welsh squash premier league.

His participation in sport has highlighted how chiropractic treatment can play an essential role in helping people to reach and maintain their optimal performance levels and Tom still receives regular treatments himself to ensure he remains as competitive as possible. Alongside clinical practice, Tom takes time out to provide treatment for athletes from elite to amateur level across Wales and Bristol. Originally from South Devon, Tom graduated with a master’s degree from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of South Wales in 2015.

Tom has a belief in taking an overall holistic approach to care which enables him to treat every patient individually. This combined with continually reviewing the most recent, up to date research means he is able to tailor care plans specifically to benefit each individual patient and the challenge of treating a wide array of conditions is something that both excites and drives him.

Dr Abigail Parker

Doctor of Chiropractic | MChiro

Abi, who was born and raised Gloucester, came to Cardiff in 2012, to study at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the former Glamorgan University.

Since graduating, Abi has been working in and around South Wales. “Working in different clinics and providing locum care has given me the opportunity to treat different demographics of patients – I’ve seen a wide variety of people with a wide variety of conditions.”

Abi believes Chiropractic care is suitable for everybody, as there are so many techniques to be utilised there is always a way to help people. “Chiropractic care should be treated in the same way that people use a gym or visit their dentist – regular visits to maintain health and progress are important! Going for long periods of time without care is always more difficult to recover from, so regular care saves the pain and stresses of this.”

Abi first became aware of Chiropractic care when she was in her mid teens, suffering lower back and pelvic pain during sports. “After having treatment I felt like a new person! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been exposed to this type of care before”.

Whilst Abi no longer takes part in any competitive team sports, she still exercises regularly and particularly enjoys resistance training. “I’ve seen great changes in both my physical and mental health since taking up weight training – I truly believe that “if you don’t use it, you lose it!” I quite often enjoy a swim after work”.

In her spare time Abi enjoys taking her family dog for long walks in the Welsh countryside, painting and has been known to train and take part in a few Tough Mudder events.

Jo Warren

Practice Manager

Jo had been a patient at Optimal Chiropractic for several years before joining the team here. She initially came before starting some intensive fitness training to check her body was balanced and ready for what she was going to ask of it. Having always had an interest in anatomy and physiology and natural health she soon realised that Chiropractic was always going to be part of her life.

Along with her belief in Chiropractic, Jo brings with her many years of customer service, administration, logistic and management skills to ensure the smooth running of the clinic and allow the chiropractors to do what they do best … helping others!

When not at the clinic Jo enjoys most outdoor activities, her horse and dogs taking up a lot of her time. She is a keen runner, enjoys a swim and reading but not at the same time!!

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