What Is Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health care profession which specialises in facilitating the body’s ability to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

The practice of Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between our body’s structure (primarily the spine and pelvis) and function (as coordinated by our nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health and focuses particular attention on the spinal misalignment.

A misalignment of the spine is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological joint changes that compromise nervous system function which in turn may influence organ system function and general health.

By correcting these misalignments and restoring (and maintaining) normal function of your body, you can then begin the process of restoring a state of health by repairing any damage that produced your symptoms – as nature intended by allowing your body to heal itself as it was designed to do.

If you have experienced Chiropractic before you may find that our approach is different – we don’t focus on numbing the symptoms of injury or disease as the end goal of our care but instead take a comprehensive approach to identifying and correct the underlying problems that have allowed injury or disease to develop in your body.

Caring for your spine should be no different to caring for your teeth, servicing your car or maintaining your gas boiler – after all prevention is better than a cure. We believe that the best time to start caring for your body is NOW – whatever your age. It is because of this that we regularly check our own families for spinal misalignment, from our young children to our elderly relatives.

"Posture effects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headaches, mood, blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. Posture, normal physiology, and function are interrelated. Abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic pain-related conditions including backache, headache, and stress-related illness."

American Journal of Pain Management

Why do we focus on posture?

Your posture is one of the most important elements of your health – this is largely because with poor posture your spines position will be affected and impact the nervous system which it is designed to protect. Posture is the window into looking at the alignment of the spine.

When the spine is distorted out of it’s proper position and alignment, you start to create 2 major problems:

1. You interfere with your brains ability (and efficiency) to control a vast array of functions and processes in your body that we normally take for granted (i.e. digestion, breathing etc.)
2. Mechanically we place pressure on tissues that makes it harder for them to work properly.

Since the nervous system is responsible for EVERY function of the human body, including movement of our limbs and the function of our vital organs, we believe that checking and correcting spinal alignment problems that cause nerve interference should be a key part of your family’s health care regimen.

This importance can be seen quite clearly with research showing significant links between breathing (lung function), reflux and other digestive issues – and your posture.